Hush Movie

Irritable and tired, Zakes Abbott pushes home along the motorway, his girlfriend, Beth. Failing to see his exit he speeds avoiding an accident and cutting a white van . Apoplectic with rage, as the tailgate is violently overtaken by him, and the vehicle driver provides chase flips up showing a girl bound and bloodied in the back. However, before there is time for a second look, the door is closed and Zakes is left puzzled and wondering if what he saw was real. Afterwards at a service station, Zakes' anxieties develop when Beth goes missing, and he's enticed on the deserted motorway as he begins a search. However, being the witness to the former scene, how can he convince the others of his need for help? Playing on our most primal fears, a world where we turn responsibility on to somebody else and asks this question: Exactly what can you do when there's no one else there is challenged by this suspense thriller?

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